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The Never Ordinary Bourbon Society


In order to maintain the caliber of our community, our membership is referral based and requests for membership are reviewed with our membership committee with access granted only upon their approval.

Individuals: $2,500 annually for member and spouse [if applicable]

Corporate: $5,000 annually for four named individuals

Liquor Locker: $500 annually based on availability

Corporate Plus: $7,000 annually for six named individuals

Please private message us for any requests beyond these membership options.


The Never Ordinary Bourbon Society has a limited number of liquor lockers available to members. Members with a locker can source their favorite liquor through No-BS and keep the bottles in their locker.  Members can make these requests by emailing  Members will receive an email from No-BS advising the member of what was able to be sourced and the cost.  Upon approval from the member, those bottles will be sourced.  Oral requests for bottles made to our bartenders or servers cannot be honored.  All requests must be made via email.  Lockers are limited to six [6] bottles and all bottles must fit within the confines of the locker.  Liquor stored in a member’s locker is for on-premises consumption only.  Member’s wishing to have a cocktail made from their locker contents will be charged $8.00 per “locker-tail” to account for the product and labor.  Smoked “locker-tails” will be an additional $3.00.  Lockers will be stocked on Wednesdays after the cost has been approved via email by the member.


Reservations are preferred; walk-ins are accommodated if possible. Hours are as follows:
Tues-Thursday, 4-10, Friday-Saturday 4-11

Our Reviews

“Exceptional experience. The proprietors have outdone themselves and get an A+ from me in style, bourbon selection and first class service. A big thanks to Zach and Remy who were exceedingly patient and helpful in guiding us through menu selection. The food was excellent and the prices were great…so were the portions.”

“The Poker Room was beyond my expectations proving to be an amazing setting for a cigar and scrumptious dinner. Where else can you have this type of experience in such an amazing setting in Cleveland? I have already been planning my next visit which I hope will be as good as the first. Thank you”

“Great food, bourbon,craft cocktails, service and room.”

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